Confidential Reporting

If you have, or know someone who has experienced an incident of racism, discrimination, harassment or bullying and you wish to remain anonymous, please complete the Confidential Incident Reporting Form:


Direct link


Direct link

We always encourage individuals to first communicate with adults at their school site.  However, we recognize that for some individuals this is not a path that feels safe or sufficient and therefore the confidential incident report form is available.  Designated central office staff within the Student Services Department receive the confidential reports and will reach out to you (if you provide contact information, though not required) and follow-up on the reports. 

Confidential Support

If a student or family are in need of support, specifically related to experiences with racism, discrimination, harassment and/or bullying, we have designated staff within the Student Services department prepared to provide support (e.g. resources and/or consultation).

To access confidential support, please call 805-494-9367.  Designated staff will provide you with support and/or resources.  Bilingual Spanish available.  

Engagement with CVUSD Educational Partners to Strengthen DEI

Creating a learning environment that promotes access and equity for all students, especially for communities that have historically been marginalized and/or under-represented, is an ongoing pursuit. Hence, a District does not “arrive” at equity. There is much work ahead, yet we hope the information included in the following areas reaffirms to our community that diversity, equity and inclusion is a priority.

How you can help

CVUSD is so appreciative of the overwhelming interest to support access and equity efforts within the District. Many of you have reached out and asked “what can I do to help?” Because a local school district is a microcosm of a larger community, we believe there are many ways you can support our drive towards diversity, equity and inclusion via engagement in the larger community. Below are some examples of actions you might consider that we believe will yield positive results for our students while at school:


If you have any questions regarding CVUSD’s pursuit of diversity, equity and inclusion, please feel free to submit a question here.