Epi-Pen Discount Card

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News from Mylan regarding Epi-Pen Cost

Mylan Taking Immediate Action to Further Enhance Access to EpiPen®

Mylan doubling the eligibility for patient assistance, effectively eliminating out-of-pocket expense for uninsured and under-insured patients.

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Diane Fulton, RN (Department Chair)
Madrona, Redwood, Thousand Oaks High School, Wildwood

Catherine Kalev, RN
Banyan, Cypress, Maple, Sequoia Middle School, Sycamore Canyon, Walnut

Janie MacGillivray, RN
Acacia, Conejo Elementary, Earths, Weathersfield, Newbury Park High School, Post-Secondary: CVAE

Lisa Snyder, RN
Aspen, Lang Ranch, Los Cerritos Middle School, University Center (SPED, NfL, Waverly Program,Wonder), Westlake Elementary

Susan Wilson, RN
Colina Middle School, Conejo Valley High School, Century Academy,Glenwood, Ladera, Westlake Hills, Westlake High School

Procedure Nurse:
Laura Goodman, RN

Kathy Schricten, RN
Shilpika Reynolds, LVN

Cheryl Stelling LVN