Department Overview

The Ed Tech and Student Performance department is responsible for supporting all CVUSD schools in the integration of technology into curriculum and instruction, including providing push-in support for teachers and students through the use of Instructional Technology Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSAs), and implementing new instructional technologies to enrich the curriculum. Additionally, our department directs the district assessment program and provides support to CVUSD schools in CAASPP, PFT/FITNESSGRAM, local assessments, Advanced Placement exams, and PSAT. 

Instructional Technology and Internet Safety

The tremendous growth of mobile apps and cloud-based web services offers amazing potential to enhance learning and prepare students for their future in the digital world. Protecting students’ privacy and personal information must be a top priority as these powerful tools are used in CVUSD schools.

This page is intended as a resource for educators, parents and students to promote safe and responsible use of technology in the classroom. It provides a listing of digital tools that have been evaluated for their privacy practices by CVUSD. We’ve also included information about the various laws that govern student date privacy in California as well consent letters teachers can use to obtain parental permission for the use of tools that have not been approved.

For a summary of the student privacy laws that govern how student data is handled, click here.

Software and App Approval Process

For a CVUSD staff member to request an app, software, or website be approved for use, please submit a helpdesk ticket.  Here you can check the the list of suggested apps and websites

If you are unsure of whether a software, website, or app may safe for students, review the best practices.


The Ed Tech and Student Performance Department is responsible for District and State-wide student testing at our CVUSD Schools. Assessments include state-mandated testing such as the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) System, California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS),  Physical Fitness (Fitnessgram or PFT) and district-mandated testing such as benchmarks and common final exams. 

Our staff supports school personnel in administration of the above tests and surveys. We also support and administer Advanced Placement Exams (AP) and Preliminary Scholastic Achievement Tests (PSAT). SAT is handled by the College Board. This office is the designated District Test Coordinator for CVUSD. 


Dr. Jayna Suter
Assistant Director, Educational Technology and Student Performance

Heather Neely
Senior Office Assistant II

Tammy Farhit
Technology Integration TOSA


Haley Carroll
Technology Integration TOSA

Denise Ferens
Senior Office Assistant II