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Welcome to the Transportation Department...

CVUSD operates a fee-based home to school transportation program for students enrolled in the District's regular education program to some areas but not to all schools. (See Bus Schedules at left.) Fees are due twice each school year, on August 15 and January 15. No refunds will be made for any reason except for moving out of the area. Students attending a school under "School Choice" are NOT eligible for bus transportation.

For Public Transportation options, please visit Thousand Oaks Transits' website at or call (805) 375-5473.

Busing Information

The following information is subject to change in relation to COVID-19 and the reopening of schools.


 FULL FARE PARENT-PAY - Credit card payments available online ONLY.

***NEW!!! YOU MUST BE ON THE SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM list to qualify for low income busing. YOU MUST apply and receive approval from Child Nutrition first!****

  • NO Transitional Kindergarten (TK) busing is available for any school. 
  • Parents must complete a new bus application each year.
  • For School Start-Up - Please allow for fluctuations in pick-up and drop-off times during the first few weeks of school. They may vary as schools regulate dismissals, bus drivers adjust to new routes and other drivers get used to having our buses in traffic. Also, an unexpectedly large group of riders at one or two stops may take longer to load, causing the bus to arrive later at subsequent stops.
  • For Special Needs Students - As students are added or removed to any route, please understand that it may be necessary to adjust your students route throughout the year.

Fee Schedule

Fees may be paid in cash, check (payable to CVUSD), money order, Visa or Mastercard. Visa and Mastercard are only accepted online. No credit card payments accepted at the Transportation Office.

The Home to School application must be completed and submitted with the fees listed below when registering your child(ren) for the school bus.

FEE SCHEDULE (Per Semester)* Discount for  one payment (in August) for entire year  ROUNDTRIP          

Sem / Entire Year  



Sem /EntireYear


First student

$230 /   $415*

$120/    $220*

Each Additional Student

$210/    $385*

$110/    $200*



I lost my bus pass, what do I need to do?

Colina Middle School replacement passes are handled by the Student Store.

Sequoia Middle School replacement passes are handled by the Main Office.

Students may be required to show their bus pass to the bus driver at any time.

Do I need to complete an application for the next school year?

YES. A new application must be submitted each year.

My school does not have a bus route, what are my options?

TO Transit offers middle and high school students discounts on public transportation bus fare.

Click here for more information on TO Transit.

Visit the TO Transit website here. 

Do I need to carry my bus pass with me everyday? The bus driver knows who I am.

Yes, all student riders must carry their bus pass with them everyday. Bus drivers are required to check bus passes.