Q Student Information System

This page contains district-specific "How-To" documentation and tips for our student information system.  For complete Q documentation, click the [Help] button at the top right of any Q screen.

Employee Login to Q:

To log on to Q, go to http://q.conejousd.org and click on the "Q Connection" link under the Employee section. 

Your login is your last name.  If you have a common last name, then you must include a comma, a space, and one or more letters from your first name to make it unique.

For example, if your name is Johanna Smith and there is a John Smith in the district also, you must log in with at least "Smith, Joha" so that it is different from "Smith, John".

Documentation on this page:

You must be logged in to the CVUSD web site as an employee to view documentation on this page. If you don't see links to documentation near the bottom of this page, click on the [Login] button at the top of this page.

What is "Zangle"?

Zangle was the old name of the software.  The software is being redesigned and has been re-branded as "Q".

Q Browser Tips
including minimum requirements,
how to clear your browser cache,
and how to get help. 
Q System Requirements

Why "Q"? 

No one has definitely said what it means, but here are some suggestions...

  • The (almost) middle letter of Aequitas, the company that is re-writing Zangle and transforming it into Q.
  • A reference to the old James Bond, 007 movies.  "Q" knew everything!
  • A reference to Star Trek, The Next Generation.  "Q" was a rather mischievous fellow (I guess when Q works well, it's James Bond's Q; when it doesn't it's Q from Star Trek, The Next Generation!)