Contact Information

Susanne Ma
Director, Technology Services

Sue Blake
Administrative Assistant

Leslie Monahan
Database Administrator

Jim Robinson
Systems Administrator

Jennifer Coates
Systems Analyst

David Hubbard
Network Engineer

Gail Weed
Systems Analyst

How to input a Helpdesk ticket

Employees: Please log in for extra content on this page. If you do not see the extra content for employees only, please create a HelpDesk ticket.

Note: If you just registered, you may need to wait a day for you to be authorized as an employee.

HelpDesk: To create a ticket, go to Log in with the same login and password you use when you log on to your computer. If you are having problems creating a ticket, please review the below manual or contact your Site Tech.

Information for Parents

Parents: Technology Services is not authorized to give out any student information for security reasons and your student's protection. Please contact your student's school. The school will need to verify that you are the primary guardian of your student before giving out information.

Parent Portal / Connection questions should be directed to your student's school. If the school needs our assistance in solving a problem, the school will contact Technology Services. But your primary point of contact should be your student's school.

Technology Services

Technology Services is "customer support" for employees. We provide support in many areas including (but not limited to):

  • Email
  • Internet Access
  • Our Student Information System
  • Computers - both hardware and software
  • Network Infrastructure