Meetings 2018/2019

2:30 PM

M&O Conference Room
750 Mitchell Road, Newbury Park

Annual In-service

June 2019

Custodial Supervisor: Tish Hiott

Custodial Advisory Committee

Conejo Valley Unified School District practices a modified site-based management organizational structure. All custodians are supervised by a department head or school principal, and therefore, are not subject to District Office direction for everyday operations. This "decentralized" program has worked very well in many areas, and gives site-based managers the authority to tailor each custodial program to the specific needs of each site. However, because of the complexities of modern custodial programs coupled with the broad range of responsibilities and heavy work load assigned to site managers, many have found it impossible to keep up to date on important issues that are critical to the administration of an effective custodial program. Specific areas include:

  • Government mandated safety programs and training requirements
  • On-going employee training
  • Product and material data management
  • New and improved cleaning product review and use
  • New and improved cleaning equipment review and use
  • Networking of District custodial employee ideas and cleaning strategies
  • Site-based energy management
  • Basic cleaning standards

Beginning 1999, the District has sponsored an Annual Custodial In-Service designed to address safety, cleaning quality and product issues at all District facilities. The Annual In-Services have been highly successful in demonstrating that the implementation of new processes and cleaning techniques could bring about significant improvement in the level of safety, cleanliness, and efficiency of each school sites' custodial operations program.