Educational Television for the Conejo

CVUSD Education Channel

The CVUSD Educational Channel is now available on the following cable systems:

TimeWarner - ch. 20   Verizon Fios - ch. 32   Charter - ch. 59   ATT UVerse - ch. 99

Board of Education meetings are aired every Wednesday and Friday at 6:00 p.m., and Saturday at noon, until the next Board meeting.  They can also be viewed on the Board webpage.


Sue Wells, President Term Expires:  June 2021

Denise Reader, Secretary Term Expires: June 2020

Victor P. Hayek Ed.D., Treasurer Term Expires: June 2022

Sandee Everett, Director Term Expires: June 2019

Mark W. McLaughlin Ed.D., Director Term Expires: June 2021

Terry McCallum, Executive Director

Educational Television for the Conejo (ETC) Board of Directors Meetings

The ETC Board of Directors meetings are open to the public. Choose this link to view the ETC Bylaws.

To view an agenda, please choose from the list below:

Next Meeting: Monday, October 28, 2019, 1:30 PM, Conference Room B-1.

Future Meetings

Agenda 01-29-2019 and Minutes 09-18-2018
Agenda 09-18-2018 and Minutes 05-16-2018

Agenda 05-16-2018 and Minutes 02-06-2018
Agenda 02-06-2018 and Minutes 01-16-2018
Agenda 01-16-2018 and Minutes 10-19-2017
Agenda 10-19-2017 and Minutes 06-12-2017

Agenda 06-12-2017 and Minutes 05-16-2017
Agenda 05-16-2017 and Minutes 10-18-2016
Agenda 10-18-2016 and Minutes 08-16-2016
Agenda 08-16-2016 and Minutes 06-21-2016

Agenda 06-21-2016 and Minutes 05-18-2016
Agenda 05-18-2016 and Minutes 03-15-2016
Agenda 03-15-2016 and Minutes 11-10-2015
Agenda 11-10-2015